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Sweet News – Happy 1st Anniversary to Leslie and David

July 30, 2010

Leslie and David ‘s wedding cake was designed from the motif on their invitation.   Here at Louisville Wedding Cake we like to coordinate the cake to the motifs you’re using in your wedding (or your wedding gown or flowers or theme.) The reception was held at Sawyer Hayes Community Center.  I remember that it was a beautiful day and the room was decorated with vases of twigs and linens in shades of greens and browns.  The floor to ceiling windows at Sawyer Hayes look out onto the woods and it’s stunning in all four seasons.

For their first anniversary cake, the happy couple chose Italian creme cake with chocolate buttercreme filling and frosting.  It smelled divine!


Sweet News – Cupcakes!

July 28, 2010

I’m amazed when people call to ask if we bake cupcakes.  Of course we bake cupcakes.  We routinely make big cakes;  cupcakes are just little cakes.  We make cake!!  Size is relative, after all.  We even launched a website specifically for our cupcakes so they wouldn’t feel left out.

All of our cupcakes have creme filling.  How does it get in there?  No, it’s not baked in.  The filling is much too delicate for that.  The answer is “magic.”  That’s all I’m sayin’.  But I do get a kick out of watching people eat our cupcakes.  The first little nibble is cake and buttercreme.  Then they take a bold bite and get into the creme filling.  “Oh!  There’s good stuff inside!”  Yep, magic.


Sweet News – Congratulations to Katie and Curtis

July 26, 2010

Katie had a gorgeous wedding gown covered in lace which we replicated on her cake. Bridesmaids were in a yummy soft yellow which we added as an accent in the edible ribbons at the base of each tier.  A topper of fresh flowers from Country Squire Florist completed the cake. Katie and Curtis chose lemon cake with lemon creme filling, chocolate and yellow marble cake with Bavarian creme filling, chocolate raspberry cake with raspberry creme filling and white cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Curtis had a custom-flavor groom’s cake.  Chocolate cake soaked in bourbon, with pecan folded into the vanilla buttercream filling.  The whole cake took on a Bourbon Ball persona.  The top of the cake was covered in blue (white) chocolate ganache with it dripping down the sides.  Our apologies to Curtis, as we didn’t get a picture of his fabulous cake.

Starks Court looked wonderful for the reception!


Hello world!

July 26, 2010

If we’re not baking, we’re blogging.