Sweet News – Whose idea was it to save the top tier of a wedding cake?

August 20, 2010

Regular readers have heard me say (or seen me write) that most couples today choose to take our gift certificate and have a fresh cake baked for their first anniversary, instead of freezing the actual top tier of their wedding cake.  So, who thought of the idea of freezing the top tier of the wedding cake for a year, anyway?

As with most things weddingy, it’s time to take a trip thru history.

In the late 19th century grand cakes were baked for christenings.  That’s right, christenings, not weddings.  However, wedding cakes were changing style and becoming more and more elaborate as pastry chefs of the day stretched their skills.  In those days, the christening was expected to occur, well, about nine months after the wedding, if you know what I mean.  And the newlyweds, now also new parents needed to save money somehow.  (Weddings and babies were expensive even back in the old days.)  So, the two celebrations merged and it became common to save the top tier of the wedding cake for the christening party which would occur in a few months.  It was actually a budget-friendly solution to having a beautiful cake for the two events.

However, back in England in the 19th century, wedding cakes were liquor-soaked fruitcakes, and those freeze just fine.  The more delicate American-style cake may or may not survive the year in cold storage.

And that’s why Louisville Wedding Cake always gives couple the choice between following tradition or eating fresh cake.


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