Sweet News – Congratulations to Kelly and Jonathan

August 31, 2010

Kelly and Jonathan had a lovely wedding reception at the beautiful Audubon Country Club last weekend. The reception room had a wall of windows overlooking the golf course.  It was idyllic!

If you can find someone to sponsor you for the day, Audubon Country Club is an absolutely perfect place for your wedding and reception.    Kolleen will be on top of every detail of your event and the kitchen puts out some mighty fine food!  Just look at the food pictures on Audubon’s website.  Be warned though, you might want to lick the screen.

Kelly and Jonathan chose a design for their wedding cake taken from the lace on her gown.  Using motifs from the wedding gown to inspire the wedding cake design is a specialty of Louisville Wedding Cake.  What could be more beautiful than the happy, glowing bride and groom, standing next to the cake that harmonizes with her gown.  It always looks fab in pictures!

Jonathan is a U of L fan (Go CARDS!) so chose the fighting Cardinal emblem for his groom’s cake.

The guests had many flavors to choose from:  Chocolate cake with Bavarian Creme filling, Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Creme filling,  and Almond White Cake with Raspberry creme filling.  The Groom’s cake was Chocolate Cake with Bavarian Creme filling.

I love all our fillings, but the Bavarian Creme is da bomb!


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