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Sweet News – Congratulations to Tequita and Entre

September 27, 2010

Congratulations to Tequita and Entre on their recent marriage!  The reception was held at the Old Medical School Building.  The Old Medical School Building is a beautiful venue. Here’s a winter picture of the front door.  (Yes I know it’s still summer, but I think the picture is just wonderful.)

Their cake was iced in an ivory buttercreme then sugar sparkles were applied to the outside.  Then the cake was decorated with 18 fresh roses in ivory, tipped in pink.  Pretty!

We set up the cake while the caterers were cooking the food, and wow!  did everything smell good!  Hubby was toying with the idea of crashing the reception.  I guess I should make sure he gets lunch before we start deliveries . . .

Guests could choose from Chocolate Almond Cake, Strawberry cake with Strawberry Creme filling, Chocolate Raspberry cake with Raspberry Creme filling or Almond White Cake.

Thanks, Tequita and Entre for choosing Louisville Wedding Cake to create your one-of-a-kind wedding cake!


Sweet News – Congratulations to Pam and Clinton

September 24, 2010

Congratulations to Pam and Clinton who were recently married and had their reception at Good Shepherd Worship Center.  They’re a fun loving couple and thoroughly incorporated a casino theme into their reception.  Red and black, the four card suits, sparkle and fun were everywhere in the decorations, including the cake!

For their cake design, Pam and Clinton chose to incorporate both their theme and a design from Pam’s gown!  It was a truly personal expression and we here at Louisville Wedding Cake always say, “It’s your wedding cake.  Yes, you can do that!”   The flowers and leaves were taken from the lace motifs in Pam’s wedding gown, embossed and applied to the cake.  Then we piped on swirls and sweeps in buttercreme and added in small hand cut clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds.  Then we put those same symbols on floral wire to pop out of the top and sides of the cake.

Guests could choose from Dreamsickle Cake with Bavarian Creme filling, Pina Colada Cake with Pina Colada buttercreme filling, or Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Raspberry Creme filling.

Thanks, Pam and Clinton for choosing Louisville Wedding Cake to create your one-of-a-kind wedding cake!


Sweet News – Congratulations Melissa and Matthew

September 22, 2010

Melisa and Matthew were married at the Frazier International History Museum.  Eggplant accented with spring green made an elegant color scheme, transforming the space into a statement in urban chic.  Decor provided by Millennium Events was drop dead gorgeous!

Louisville Wedding Cake covered their cake with sparkling sugar.  It’s a very interesting product.  You know how table sugar dissolves when it comes into contact with water, or gets gooey when it gets into contact anything damp?  This specialized sugar doesn’t do that.  It will sit on top of soft buttercreme and stay intact and sparkle.  I’ve even used it to sparkle fruit.

Melissa provided the ribbon which of course matched her decor perfectly and the wonderful pearl and rhinestone brooches.  Aren’t the little bride and groom on the top just the cutest ever???

Thanks for letting Louisville Wedding Cake create your one-of-a-kind cake.


Sweet News – Cake Toppers (How’d that get started?)

September 21, 2010

As regular readers know, every once n a while we have to stop and figure out where some of these wedding traditions started.  Most wedding traditions are British it seems.  And all require a walk thru history.  We’re not going back to Roman times for the cake topper, as it’s a fairly modern invention at around a hundred years or so.  And it doesn’t seem British at all.

There are a number of charming stories about how the first toppers were created, none of which appears to be verifiable.  In the 1890s, wedding cake toppers began appearing.  Made of paper, glass, plaster, china, bisque or gumpaste, if you ever find one of these hiding in your grandparents’ attic, grab it quick.  They are highly sought-after and quite valuable antiques!  Generally speaking, the first toppers were miniature bride and groom couples.  Lovebirds, bells and arches also made an appearance.

Wedding cake toppers made it into mainstream fashion when in 1922 Emily Post wrote,  “the wedding cake is almost always ordered from the caterer who delivers it shortly before the hour of the reception. It is usually in several tiers, beautifully decorated with white icing and topped by small figures of the bride and groom.”

However the etiquette lady, who would write volumes on the subject, warned such layouts could be expensive: “Although the cost of ordering such a cake (complete with adorable topper figures) may be prohibitive, the charm remains, and it might be a suggestion for an unusual and thoughtful wedding gift from a family friend who is skilled in the art of baking—-or very rich.”

Then Sears, Roebuck stepped in.  In 1927 their iconic catalog featured a whole page of wedding cake toppers.   Everyone could order from the Sears catalog!  And everyone had to have a cake topper for their wedding cake.

If you can’t find a truly antique wedding cake topper, there are toppers made today that resemble antiques.

Or you might find your mother’s wedding cake topper, as this bride did.  Louisville Wedding Cake made this chocolate wedding  cake a few years ago, and it’s remained one of our favorites!


Sweet News – Happy Birthday Luke!

September 20, 2010

Luke turned one!

Luke likes monkeys!

Luke had a party!

Luke had his own little monkey cake.  It’s called a smash cake.  You know why.

Luke’s mommy was a Louisville Wedding Cake bride a few years ago, and she’s called us for party cakes before, so when her darling son was turning one, we got to make the MONKEY CAKE!

We sometimes get emails and phone calls asking if we make birthday cakes or party cakes of Sweet Sixteen cakes or . . . or . . .  OF COURSE!  We make cake!


Sweet News – Congratulations to Michelle and Phillip

September 13, 2010

Michelle and Phillip were married at the Old Medical School Building.  When we arrived to set up the cake, the pre-ceremony pictures were happening.  Michelle was beautiful in an embroidered and sequin embellished ball gown and we caught a glimpse of family pictures happening on the OMSB’s fab staircase.   It’s a wonderful setting for a wedding.  If you haven’t checked it out, maybe you should!

For their wedding cake, Michelle and Phillip chose a fall theme with edible leaves, chocolate acorns and a custom pumpkin and squash bride and groom topper.  Guests chose from Spice Cake with Bavarian Creme filling, Orange Cake with Bavarian Creme filling and Chocolate Almond Cake with Vanilla Buttercreme filling.  I think I’ve mentioned before how popular our Bavarian Creme filling is!

Louisville Wedding Cake was proud to create their one-of-a-kind cake!


Sweet News – Congratulations to April and Matt

September 10, 2010

April and Matt had their wedding and reception at the Hilton Garden Inn.  Striking decor – centerpieces of hurricane candle holders circled with red roses, tulle draped on the ceiling over the dance floor and a lighted glass block pedestal for the cake gave the ballroom sparkle and pizazz.

Guests could choose from three flavors of cake:  Italian Creme, Lemon Pound with Raspberry Creme filling, and Chocolate Raspberry cake with Truffle filling.

For the groom’s cake, April and Matt chose the logo from North Carolina State University where they both work.  And since the rehearsal was a combo rehearsal/tailgating party before the “big game” on September 4, they asked that I put the UK logo on the cake as well.  As a U of L graduate and CARDS fan, all I can say is “ouch.” 

The groom’s cake was Tuxedo.  Tuxedo cake has two layers of chocolate cake and two layers of white cake, alternating.  Yummy and something for everyone.

Louisville Wedding Cake worked with April and Matt long-distance.  Actually we never even met!  We sent sketches via email along with lots of questions and answers and got everything done, including some changes a few days before the wedding.  Every year Louisville Wedding Cake will work with a half dozen or so brides who are getting married in their hometown  but live and work somewhere else.  It’s not a problem!  The interwebs make it easy to share pictures and info.  And if you’ve got a relative, like April’s mom here in Louisville, you can have a “surrogate cake tasting!”

PS, Yes, the groom got a copyright release from NCSU and UK for the groom’s cake.  Just in case you’re a regular reader of this blog.