Sweet News – Cake Toppers (part 1)

September 1, 2010
First a little terminology – whatever is on top of the cake is a cake topper. When you think about a topper, don’t just think about a plastic bride and groom standing on a little plastic stand in front of a plastic heart.  If that’s what you’d like on top of your cake, that’s fine, but there’s no need to limit yourself.  And even the Bride and Groom toppers available today may not be exactly “your mother’s bride and groom cake topper.”  The “Love Pinch” topper is shown here.  Traditional view from the front, and errr . . not as traditional a view from the back.

Frankly, the vast majority of wedding cakes today have flowers – either handmade, silk or fresh, or the couple’s monogram as a topper.  You can get creative and use something meaningful.  One bride brought in a teacup from her grandmother’s collection which I filled with handmade flowers.  Another used a custom blown glass sculpture.  Some have used their toss bouquet.  Many use modern porcelain sculptures.

Last week we featured a cake with a handmade crystal topper created by Louisville Wedding Jewelry.  Barbara can also create a monogram of Swarovski crystals accented with a little silver charm that has a special meaning to you and your groom.  (This couple were runners.  See the little silver running shoe dangling from the W?)

The topper is an important element of your cake design.  It visually completes the shape of your cake and makes it look finished.  And it could become a beloved keepsake.


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