Sweet News – Congratulations to Nicki and Chris

October 14, 2010

Congratulations to Nicki and Chris on their recent wedding.  It was our first time setting up at Gingerwoods.  What a hidden gem!  Old hardwood floors worn to a patina housed in an old church in a tranquil country setting surrounded by horses playing in the fields.  What could possibly be more charming?

Nicki and Chris chose Watermelon Pink and Canary Yellow for their colors, and weren’t afraid to use them!  (Bright colors always make me smile.)  And I heard from a guest at the wedding that all of the cake was gobbled up!  And by gobbled up I mean “enjoyed by all.”

Chris’ Groom’s Cake, a replica of the a UK Basketball court was served at the Rehearsal Dinner.  It’s completely appropriate to serve the Groom’s Cake then, in part because the Groom’s family is the host of the Dinner.  It’s their time to plan a party!  Dinner guests enjoyed Tuxedo Cake with Vanilla Buttercreme and Crushed Oreo filing.  mmmmmmm

Reception guests chose from Princess Cake with Bavarian Creme Filling, Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Creme and Chocolate Buttercreme Filling, Lemon Cake with Strawberry Creme Filling and Banana Cake with Bavarian Creme Filling.

Thanks for choosing Louisville Wedding Cake to create your one-of-a-kind cakes!


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